2010 / 30 August

The iMac Made Simple (Made Simple Computer) Reviews

The iMac Made Simple (Made Simple Computer)

An introduction to the iMac for new and inexperienced users. It covers customizing, using the bundled – and other – programs, and troubleshooting. There are screen shots and easy steps throughout to promote learning. No technical or in-depth computer knowledge is required.

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My iMac

A complete handbook of information on Apple’s new iMac computer provides detailed sections on hardware, functions, and resources, along with helpful advice on Internet access, troubleshooting, available resources, set-up and technical support, and more. Original. (Beginner).In My iMac, three Mac experts–including the editor of Macworld magazine–hold forth on how to make your colorful pal speedier, better connected, and better suited to your style of work. The authors of My iMac, Andrew Gor

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