2010 / 21 August

Is Classic ASP Getting Dead??

Is Classic ASP Getting Dead??

To generate dynamically generated web pages, Active server pages were used. But with the development of technology now ASP technology is now not anymore been used by many web development company. With the help of ASP interestingly one can put together HTML pages, COM components and create, develop and modify powerful web based applications easily. One can easily group related groups functions and data attributes.

Some of the web designers are still using application because of cheap hosting. But majority of them have started using ASP.net. Classic ASP development has still not lost its importance. Many web development companies still provide with ASP development services. They find it to be a regular program with lightweight development. It is already installed, runs instantly, and there is no configuration required and is available on any PC.

Further at this time of recession, many companies prefer Classic ASP development because it is a cheap hosting option. This is not all ASP website are easy to upload to remote server. They were similar to getting an offsite back up of the code. If you are using ASP 2.0 then you will find that it has 6 built in objects, namely, ASPError, Application, Request, Server, Response, and Session.

If you are unable to find a company with Classic ASP development professionals within your country, then contact an outsource classic asp development company now. Classic ASP development are offered by many companies in Florida (including Tampa St. Petersburg).

Hence, what we can say is that Classic ASP is not dead rather it is less in use.

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