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Free Electronic Documents and Courses to get you started with You iPhone Development projects

Free Electronic Documents and Courses to get you started with You iPhone Development projects

You now have opportunities to learn programming of your iPhone for FREE, enabling you to make killer applications on the Apple gadget that has touched many through the last year. You have the options to either download free training documents to be able to for FREE follow lectures at Stanford University on how to program the iPhone.

Apple and NDA
Apple has lifted its NDA and developers are now free to talk about developing for the iPhone. In this article you’ll get familiar with the opportunity you have with iPhone SDK to build simple application and get a preliminary taste of what the mysterious Object-C is.

iPhone Development training through electronic documents
Developer Learning Solutions is a technology company specializing in hands-on training on the latest Microsoft and Mac OS X technologies. They have made available a PDF file with introduction to iPhone development.
If you have always wanted to learn iPhone development but do not know how to get started, download their free PDF file on Getting Started with iPhone Development. Try it out and see how easy it is to get started!
The document covers SDK for firmware 2.1, and therefore features seen in version 2.2 of iPhone firmware are absent. However it will give you a good starting point and great platform to explore more at a later stage.

Learning iPhone Development through your iTunes
If you want to be really sophisticated, you can sign up on Stanford University  iTunes U option made available as of April 1st 2009. This FREE course offers you an opportunity to follow Stanford School of Engineers lectures with videos and associated PDF files of lecture notes, to learn how to program iPhone SDK.

What You Need for iPhone Development
To get started with iPhone programming, you’ll need the following:

An Intel Mac running Mac OS X Leopard v10.5.4 The iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 2, which you can download here. The iPhone SDK contains all the tools and utilities you need to develop iPhone applications. In particular, it comes with Xcode 3.1(the development IDE) and the iPhone Simulator that allows you to test your application without needing a real device. Lots of patience and perseverance!

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This is a starting point for developing on the iphone, in this tutorial we will obtain the iPhone and iPad SDK, and run our first app in the simulator. The post for this video with links can be found at maniacdev.com The eventual goal is getting an app in the app store. Please note these tutorials are not for developing apps for jailbroken apps, this is for genuine sdk development using Xcode for the app store.
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